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JASMEG technique audit – How Medinet is working alongside gastroenterology teams

Sister Esther Killian - Medinet Nurse

I had the opportunity to collaborate with endoscopy medical teams from various trusts nationwide. I was involved in developing a novel method of administering throat spray with my team, and we carried out an audit which is now published. This study was partly developed during the pandemic, focusing on improving patient comfort and reducing the incidence of cough at the height of COVID.

We compared two techniques of administering an anaesthetic throat spray before endoscopy. The commonly used method involves spraying lignocaine on the back of the patient’s pharynx with their mouth open: the “mouth-open” technique. The new method of administration involved asking the patient to close their mouth after insertion of the nozzle and confirmation that it was close to the pharynx. This closed-mouth method is called the JASMEG technique.

The JASMEG technique was superior: it reduced patient cough, reduced patient anxiety levels, decreased patient pulse rates and, most importantly, increased patient comfort. Additionally, it is a statistically better method of administering local anaesthetic spray than the conventional “mouth-open” method. It also lessened the potential of pathogens being spread by cough-induced aerosols.

When asked how we thought of this “JASMEG” technique, we remembered that our Grandparents always taught us not to eat with our mouths open, as we were more likely to choke!

I could not have done this audit study without the help and collaboration of my Endoscopy Teams, and especially Dr Jude A Oben, consultant in gastroenterology-hepatology. I’m excited to present this Audit study at the British Society for Gastroenterology meeting this week in Liverpool.

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