Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Our specialised elective care solutions encompass advanced modular units, insourcing, outsourcing, community-based care and more – all designed to exceed industry standards and bring added value to your Trusts. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we bring you tailormade solutions that cater to your unique healthcare needs.


Recognised as a trusted insourcing partner to the NHS, we focus on optimising the utilisation of your spaces and resources to ensure efficiency and excellence in healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes.



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Modular Units

Our clinician-designed modular units are planned to seamlessly integrate into your existing spaces and provide additional surgical or diagnostic capacity. Discover how Medinet’s turnkey solutions can transform your healthcare capacity.



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Primary Care Outsourcing

Working with the NHS to deliver community-based healthcare across the UK, we are dedicated to bringing healthcare services closer to your home and providing additional capacity to hospitals.



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From audiology to vascular surgery, explore the extensive range or clinical specialties that our elective care solutions tailor to, spanning across a broader spectrum than any other provider.


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