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Unlock the ability to maximise your elective care services and reduce your waiting lists, with a trusted clinical services provider who has over 20 years’ experience of working in partnership with the NHS.

Why choose insourcing?
In challenging times innovative solutions are essential, at Medinet we possess a deep understanding of the NHS and are focussed on delivering outstanding patient care. The Insourcing of clinical staff enables us to enhance your clinical services through a host of delivery options, including the use of under-utilised theatres and clinical facilities, addressing waiting list challenges.

In collaboration with you we design 1-to-1 consultant-led solutions, offering you bespoke packages of support across the broadest range of elective specialities available, ensuring your every need is covered. All underpinned by our robust Clnical Governance Framework.

We ensure cost-effective solutions below NHS tariff, maintaining the highest standards of patient care. We also recognise the administrative burdens faced by NHS teams, with the ability to provide comprehensive support to drive productivity, including waiting list validation, patient booking, and reporting.

Why choose Medinet?


Elective Pathway Solutions


Medinet is able to offer an unparalleled range of elective solutions including Secondary Care Insourcing with Trusts and Health Boards, Modular Solutions and Primary Care Outsourcing at local facilities, private hospitals, and GP providers. Our commitment to providing a full and comprehensive pathway approach sets us apart from the competition.


Clinical Outcome Performance

Our clinical outcome performance is a testament to our dedication to exceeding Royal College standards. We ensure the delivery of safe services, maintaining incident levels at rates lower than those observed in the NHS and can drive Productivity through our Patient Booking Service. With consultant-led services, we guarantee a consistently high level of expertise for both your staff and patients.

Local Additionality


Medinet takes a comprehensive approach to deliver local additionality by providing both local clinical teams and capacity solutions across various settings, covering the entire UK&I and all medical specialties. Our modular units have the ability to deploy teams in secondary, community and primary care settings, offering a unique and integrated solution


Quality of Delivery


Our agile mobilisation speed ensures a swift response to your needs, facilitating a seamless integration of our services. Our robust clinical governance structure prioritises the highest standards, guaranteeing safety, effectiveness, and quality. Proactive account and project management anticipate and address challenges, ensuring a partnership that aligns with your objectives. As your partner, Medinet will provide a complete and integrated approach to elective care services.

Our Process


Initial Consultation

We conduct a thorough examination to understand the specific challenges faced by your organisation. From here, we begin developing a tailored solution to address your needs accordingly.



Following our consultation with you, our highly experienced management team will swiftly formulate a detailed action plan based on our comprehensive understanding of your unique requirements.


On-site evaluation & Requirements assessment

To foster a close and collaborative partnership, we will conduct a site visit to map the patient pathway, understand your SOPs and create a Service Overview Document which provides the detail required for both Medinet and Trust colleagues to deliver a safe and effective service.


Work begins

Once a contract is agreed, and based on the CVs that you have approved, we will provide a consistent team which will work hand in hand with you to provide outstanding care to your patients. Adhering to your established SOPs and preferred methods of operation, we ensure a smooth transition and effective collaboration.


Close monitoring

Our commitment extends beyond the initial implementation phase. Through a dedicated Customer Account Manager we will conduct regular feedback sessions with your team and provide thorough reporting, ensuring that we are consistently meeting our agreed-upon objectives.

Patient Booking Service


Medinet productivity 95%


Waiting lists reduced safely and at pace


Higher volume of patients seen

Did you know that in addition to our insourced fully managed service, Medinet can also offer the following services:

  • Patient Admin Booking (remote or on site)
  • Support with Patient Treatment List (PTL) Validation

In addition to our insourcing service, Medinet offers a patient booking service, and patient waiting list validation services. We can enhance your service by providing you with experienced booking administrators who will book patients into the insourced activity Medinet are providing.

We know that finding a space for additional administration staff in your hospital can be challenging, but we’ve got you covered. Our booking team members can work remotely to ensure maximum efficiency when it comes to booking your lists.

By engaging us to manage your booking administration, not only does it maximize the volume of patients booked, but it also enables us to manage the productivity of your lists. We monitor and report on cancellations, DNA’s and we ensure an appropriate case mix for each list, meaning more patients are seen, and your waiting lists are significantly reduced.

Our experienced booking team can work across all specialities, booking for pre assessment, outpatients or theatre lists. In addition, they can support with PTL validation by cleansing the PTLs and reporting on duplications, patient status and engagement.

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