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Primary Care Outsourcing

Primary Care Outsourcing

We believe in finding new and innovative solutions to provide patients with the best choices. Dedicated to bringing health care services closer to your home, we provide additional capacity which reduces patient wait times and eases the pressure across NHS hospitals and ICBs (Integrated Care Boards).

We work in partnership with GPs and optometrists to provide the highest quality of patient care, delivered in a community setting. GPs and Optometrists will receive outcomes within 48 hours and will benefit from continuous support through a dedicated account manager.

Explore our range of services and discover how we’re making a difference in healthcare delivery nationwide, in partnership with Health Harmonie.

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Fantastic service by professional staff. Very respectful and understanding. Regular reminders about appointments and even got a call to confirm I received an appointment letter. Procedure carried out and a week after I had my next appointment and as results were back I didn’t have to sit around worrying. Overall service was great.

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Why choose Medinet?


Elective Pathway Solutions


Medinet is able to offer an unparalleled range of elective solutions including Secondary Care Insourcing with Trusts and Health Boards, Modular Solutions and Primary Care Outsourcing at local facilities, private hospitals, and GP providers. Our commitment to providing a full and comprehensive pathway approach sets us apart from the competition.


Clinical Outcome Performance

Our clinical outcome performance is a testament to our dedication to exceeding Royal College standards. We ensure the delivery of safe services, maintaining incident levels at rates lower than those observed in the NHS and can drive Productivity through our Patient Booking Service. With consultant-led services, we guarantee a consistently high level of expertise for both your staff and patients.

Local Additionality


Medinet takes a comprehensive approach to deliver local additionality by providing both local clinical teams and capacity solutions across various settings, covering the entire UK&I and all medical specialties. Our modular units have the ability to deploy teams in secondary, community and primary care settings, offering a unique and integrated solution


Quality of Delivery


Our agile mobilisation speed ensures a swift response to your needs, facilitating a seamless integration of our services. Our robust clinical governance structure prioritises the highest standards, guaranteeing safety, effectiveness, and quality. Proactive account and project management anticipate and address challenges, ensuring a partnership that aligns with your objectives. As your partner, Medinet will provide a complete and integrated approach to elective care services.

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