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Medinet in the news – Guernsey Endoscopy Clinics

Addressing wait times means looking at the UK-wide picture, but solving the problem relies on focusing on smaller individual trusts and their needs. Guernsey, for example, has had a three-fold increase in their gastroenterology inpatient waiting list since Covid; 536 patients might not sound like a lot, but it’s putting a significant strain on other services. For example, the cancer screening programme here is currently on hold.

Departments like these are where we can make a huge difference, fast, delivering a positive impact for a community. Medinet’s weekend clinics on the island of Guernsey were recently highlighted by ITV news, where care is now being delivered to gastroenterology patients.

Dr Rabey, Guernsey’s Medical Director, had this to say:

“Medinet has excellent post-operative outcomes and patients being referred to these weekend clinics will receive the same high standard of care had they continued to wait until they could be seen by an on-island consultant.”

It’s a positive message, and we are proud to work with the NHS to improve care for patients and relieve stress on staff. The knock-on effect of addressing the gastroenterology wait by offering endoscopy clinics means that more people can be seen, diagnosed early, and treated effectively. It relieves pressure on staff and allows patients to be seen at an even more convenient time.

“We have provided experienced teams of consultants and nurses to carry out endoscopy procedures in hospitals across the UK for 17 years and are looking forward to working with the Guernsey team to provide a high-quality patient-focused service.”

Dr Jean Challiner, Medinet medical director

Guernsey’s gastroenterology department highlights the far-reaching effects of waiting-list backlogs and the knock-on effect on delayed diagnoses.

You can read the full article here.

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