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Helping the NHS solve the backlog


In collaboration with NHS Providers, the National Health Executive has published a white paper on how Medinet are working with the NHS across the UK – not just to analyse the well publicised waiting list and reasons behind this, but to provide, safe, practical solutions that are robust enough to reduce the wait both in the short and long term.

NHS Providers’ Interim Deputy Chief Executive, Miriam Deakin, said: “There’s a lot of really good work going on, but it is in a really challenging context.”

The report documents that the people joining and waiting for elective treatment, quite plainly, aren’t going away quietly and whilst NHS staff are working tirelessly against this tidal wave of backlog our NHS partners are drawing in every inch of support from Medinet to provide additional clinical capacity solutions.

Amidst all the spreadsheets, all the numbers, and all the statistics, each figure represents a real person and there are real-life consequences this backlog is having on people. Every day a person’s surgery or treatment gets delayed, their condition will continue to deteriorate, further stripping them of their quality of life, their ability to work and, in some cases, even their lives.

Medinet’s own Medical Director, Jean Challiner, said: “We pride ourselves on being a clinical organisation that is very patient focused and quality focused. We’ve very much expanded the scope of what we do and the complexity of what we do to meet current requirements.”

As we enter this new era of cooperation, catalysed by the recent introduction of the Integrated Care Systems, the solution is conceptually quite simple: collaboration. And as the elective care provider of choice, Medinet can provide the NHS – and its patients – with the largest and most diverse clinical pool of expert healthcare professionals through a myriad of service models, helping arrest the backlog and keeping the NHS where it should be. As a world leader in healthcare.

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