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Tackling the NHS elective backlog: The Medinet Manifesto

With mounting pressure on the NHS to reduce the 6 million-strong backlog and restore elective services to pre-pandemic levels, there has never been a greater need to increase capacity through improved collaboration between the public and private sectors.

At Medinet, we are committed to supporting the NHS, improving outcomes for patients and making sure that in the future, no one has to wait longer than they should for care.

In the last 12 months alone, we have worked with the NHS to provide elective services to an additional 100,000 people. By utilising NHS facilities during periods of downtime and staffing extra out-patient clinics, our highly specialised consultant-led clinical teams are already reducing waiting lists, one patient at a time. Read our manifesto to find out how.

  • We see the pressure building on patient waiting lists and on NHS staff. Medinet will provide access to the UK’s largest pool of expert clinicians to ease that pressure, delivering care to those who need it, faster.
  • Every Trust is unique and so are their needs. We recognise that with a collaborative approach, designing consultant-led solutions to deliver the exact blend of support required to overcome the most complex challenges.
  • The need is national and so are we. We provide full coverage in more than 20 specialist areas, ensuring highly skilled experts are deployed no matter where, no matter when.
  • We uphold the highest standards of the NHS, securing patient safety with a robust Governance Framework that sits at the foundation of every specialism we offer.
  • We build change that lasts. We collaborate to eliminate patient waiting times sustainably by working to existing patient pathways and finding the most effective and efficient solutions to support every Trust. That includes supplying specialists and subspecialists flexibly for as long as they are needed, keeping Trusts within target and patient satisfaction scores above the NHS average.
  • Budgets drive decisions, so we set fees consistently below tariff, making us reliably accessible. Always.
  • We see the people behind the statistics and the targets. Our teams will ease the workload for clinicians, consultants, and nursing staff, reducing stress, and improving their working environment.
  • Together we can help millions of people get the care they need and end the great wait across the nation. We are Medinet. We are the National Help Service.

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