The effect of COVID-19 on NHS waiting lists has been well documented, with recent estimates placing the number of people waiting for NHS treatment at over 5 million.

With elective procedures currently taking place at four-fifths of pre-pandemic levels and exceeding the official 70% target, researchers have estimated that endoscopies would have to be carried out at 130% of pre-Covid capacity.

Government funding through the Elective Recovery Fund (ERF) is providing an extra £1bn for planned services over the next 6 months aimed to improve patient access to the right care. Insourcing provides the best return.

One year on, and the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to disrupt NHS services with the latest figures show that 2.7 million fewer elective procedures being carried out.

You can now access the right additional elective capacity using Medinet’s expert NHS Consultant-led teams to power your recovery and see and treat those who have been waiting far too long.