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Who we are – and what we do

You may have noticed a new building at your local hospital or even been invited to attend an appointment in one. Or you might have spotted that the staff looking after you are wearing non-NHS branded uniforms.


If you wondered why the building’s there, or who the staff are, we can help…

Everyone knows that these are challenging times for our NHS. A combination of factors, including the Covid-19 pandemic, has left our hospitals struggling to manage long waiting lists for elective care (screening, diagnostics and treatment).

We are here to support your local NHS Trusts and Health Boards to see more patients, safely and quickly. We provide additional doctors, nurses or admin staff, to work hand in hand with our NHS colleagues, and to reduce the waiting time for treatment. We’re governed by the same quality standards and regulations as the NHS, ensuring that you continue to receive outstanding care.

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If hospitals require more clinical space to see patients, we can also provide temporary buildings to be located within the hospital grounds, or somewhere else in the community. These temporary buildings are clean, light and spacious, and they are fitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

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Operationally, I have found the team to be supportive and they have worked with us to look at solutions. Clinically, my Consultants are grateful and love working with the Medinet team. I have found the communication from both an operational and clinical perspective to be pro-active and clear. I have interacted with the clinical team around support adjustments to elective lists and supporting trauma activity at short notice. The team have always worked with me to find a solution and maintain patient safety and care, which is at the heart of their support.

Sam Vidler

General Manager – Bradford Royal Infirmary
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Our overarching mission is to improve health outcomes for the UK&I population. In doing so maximising the economic, social and environmental wellbeing benefits for local communities.