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At Medinet, we’re passionate about eliminating waiting times across the NHS and have partnered with over 100 trusts in the last 15 years. No-one has done more to reduce waiting times than us, no-one has existed longer than us, and no-one can offer more work than us. If you are a dedicated NHS consultant and are looking to broaden your employment experiences and earn a significantly enhanced renumeration package then register with Medinet to join us in our mission.


/media/pages/library/register.gifWorking across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, we provide NHS Trusts and Health Boards with a team led by a specialist consultant such as yourself. In registering, and working, with Medinet you would see new patients and provide continuity of care by returning for follow-ups, performing day surgery and reviews enhancing your own clinical expertise and reputation across the nations. In return, we offer:


/media/pages/library/benefits.gifOur consultants have the opportunity to work alongside local teams, exchange expert clinical experience and develop new ways of working.

We try to make the process as easy as possible, but sometimes either of us like to know a little bit more. To register with us, please click on the link below to provide a few details to get to know you a litte bit more. Alternatively, if you have any questions please call our recruitment team on 0121 308 2333 or contact them via