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University College London Hospital

June 2016 - Present

In June 2016, the UCLH was facing increasing demand for diagnostic procedures and, having reached operational capacity in endoscopy rooms during weekdays, needed to extend their service offering to ensure demand was met.

Following discussions with the Trust we developed a thorough understanding of their capacity and demand requirements and agreed to deliver services within the Trust’s own facilities for a trial period beginning in June 2016. This period provided proof of concept and allowed relationships with the clinical and operational teams at the Trust to be established.

After the initial phase of one month the Trust further engaged with Medinet to continue providing up to six teams per day comprising Consultants, Nurses and Decontamination Operatives. We continue to provide these services to the Trust at present. Our teams complete between 24 and 28 JAG points per room per day and are seeing routine diagnostic mixed lists of OGDs, Colonoscopies and Sigmoidoscopies. If required, we also see surveillance and 2-week-wait patients for the Trust. The Trust requires flexibility to cope with variations in demand and Medinet were recently asked to increase teams from six to ten. We were able mobilise these teams within one week of the request being made

By working with Medinet the Trust has been able to offer its patients a greater range of appointment times, allowed the Trust to open for seven days per week, increased capacity significantly and enabled the Trust to reduce its waiting times.

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