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Quality Assurance


Ensuring the safety of our patients and staff is of utmost importance to Medinet, and systems are in place to ensure that the quality of service across all aspects of our business is monitored and reviewed.

The Clinical Nurse Specialists, Operations Management Team and Head of Governance undertake a weekly ‘Safety Huddle’ to review performance, incidents and complaints to ensure timely and effective actions are taking place and to check and challenge the actions set in place to ensure a high level of assurance and learning.

Following this an email is sent to all Team Leaders to summarise learning points that have been identified, this may be due to incidents/ complaints/ compliments. Particularly learning from near misses are highlighted. This round robin email is also used as a means of sharing any matters related to good practice.

Our Governance Board meets quarterly to review all quality reports and provides guidance on clinical issues, service development and complaint and incident investigations. Lessons learned are communicated through all levels of the organisation and when things do not go to plan we will do our best to put them right and to be open and honest about what went wrong.

Information security

The security of patient information and compliance with patient confidentiality and data protection legislation is paramount in everything Medinet undertakes on behalf of NHS organisations.

Medinet complies with current best practice relating to data protection. We have comprehensive internal policies and procedures in place relating to the security of patient information. These policies and procedures are all under continual review.

Medinet uses NHSmail through an N3 connection, to ensure the secure electronic transfer of patient identifiable data.

Medinet is also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Our success rate and reputation speaks for itself and we’re sure you will be impressed by our services.

We are happy for you to speak to NHS organisations we are currently working with, or have previously worked with, and are able to provide you with the contact details upon request.