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5th Annual Lead Nurse Conference

We recently had the pleasure of holding our 5th annual lead nurse conference at The Genting Hotel in Birmingham.

With over 30 lead nurses attending it gave us the opportunity to meet face to face with some of the most important members of our growing team at Medinet. The day was designed to not only give our nurses a full update on where we were as a business and where we are looking to go but also to gain an insight into how we may be able to do things better and welcomed ideas and discussions form all those that attended.

These meetings are invaluable not only to our progress at Medinet but perhaps more importantly to the well-being of our nurses, taking on suggestions as to how we may be able to work more efficiently together whilst still providing the quality of service to our clients.

We had some wonderful feedback from our nurses including a couple selected below:

- Thank you very much for having us (lead nurses). I thought the conference was very fruitful and you can always count on my support

- It was a great day like you said we all have a chance to share our experience and learn new things from other I hope will continue this meeting in coming years.

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