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Consultant testimonial Ophthalmology

I have relatively recently joined Medinet and have been very impressed by the service they provide to support NHS Trusts, Commissioners and local communities gain timely access to increased quality-controlled Ophthalmology capacity in their local hospitals. As the NHS moves towards 7 day working and higher volume lean service provision, Medinet also has vast experience in providing such care in partnership with local trusts adapting to local/best practice pathways and guidelines. Medinet offers flexible synergy with local department clinical and admin staff and integrates its work with local clinical governance processes where required. Ophthalmology benefits from being able to readily use local hospital pathways, estate, equipment and consumables to deliver high volume “one stop” cataract outpatient and surgical procedures with highly measurable outcomes. Medinet excels at this, often with productivity levels that are the envy of many NHS departments.

Medinet only employs substantive NHS Consultants with at least one years experience at consuItant level. Many have years of experience including:

  • national leadership in their clinical fields
  • clinical leadership and governance roles
  • regional teaching and training roles
  • service redesign and research
  • national body advisory roles

I have been pleased to support the ongoing development of Medinet’s own internal clinical governance processes and quality improvement programme which include;

  • exacting clinician registration processes including clinical and management references
  • subsequent review of NHS annual appraisal, audit, mandatory training, fitness to practice
  • clinical/process outcome capture for each outpatient/surgical session provided
  • review of recommendations of how to improve the service, near misses, critical incidents, SUI’s
  • informing + feedback of the above to NHS trusts commissioning work with Medinet
  • development of Medinet’s internal EPR clinical outcome/audit systems for feedback to Medinet clinicians, host NHS organisations, Medinets quality improvement programme and external bodies

The very nature of Medinet’s high volume cost effective working attracts dedicated confident multi-disciplinary clinical professionals who often travel significant distances and work long hours but in turn bring clinical pathway redesign and resilient team working experiences back to their base NHS trust.

Mr Andy Cassels-Brown, Consultant Ophthalmologist

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