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Consultant testimonial Endoscopy

I have been working with Medinet for over 5 years and am very proud to be associated with an uncompromising, excellent service that supports NHS trusts in meeting targets. As a NHS gastroenterologist, my goal is to ensure patients that are seen through Medinet, are subject to the same clinical care and governance as all my patients.

Medinet clinics and endoscopy lists are usually carried out at weekends, which mean the utilization of facilities that would otherwise lie dormant. Each endoscopy list processes a high volume of patients leading to earlier diagnosis and treatment. The net result is a massive reduction in waiting lists.

Outpatient clinics

  • We see unselected patients, including patients with inflammatory bowel disease, IBS, anaemia, liver disease, pancreatic disease and suspected cancer
  • Investigations such as blood tests, endoscopy and radiology are requested as appropriate and the results are returned to the clinic consultant in an organised and prompt manner through the Medinet office and ensures that there is no administrative burden on the partner trust
  • During my time with Medinet, I have looked after patients with a full range of illness and have been instrumental in the diagnosis of many patients with conditions such as celiac disease, IBD, liver failure and cancer
  • Where cancer is diagnosed, we work through the local multi-disciplinary teams to ensure accurate staging and appropriate treatments
  • Chronic disease can be managed through the Medinet clinics or where appropriate (e.g., needs biologic therapy), referred to a local consultant to continue care
  • Sometimes we take on the temporary care of patients if there is a reduction in staff numbers, for instance, through retirement or illness
  • The care can be handed back to the appropriate consultant once in place


  • Endoscopy lists generate a high volume of work which includes gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy
  • It is not unusual to carry out up to 30 procedures per day, per consultant
  • The lists include elective patients, urgent referrals and open access from GPs
  • Depending on the findings, the patient can either be discharged back to the GP or referring consultant
  • Open access patients with significant pathology have follow up organised in the local GI clinic
  • The Medinet lists ensure early diagnosis and treatment and again reduce the trust’s waiting lists

GP and patient contact and queries

  • GPs and patients are readily able to contact the consultant in charge of care through the Medinet office
  • Where appropriate I will write to or ring the patient or GP and answer queries

In summary, Medinet provides trusts across the UK with an excellent resource that will help them manage their difficult waiting lists. The clinical staff working for Medinet are dedicated professionals.

Dr Iqbal Khan, Consultant Gastroenterologist

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