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Consultant testimonial Dermatology

“I have been associated with the dermatology services provided by Medinet over a number of years. These clinics involve a high volume of patients, seen within a short space of time and help dermatology departments cope with the increasing numbers of patients waiting for a dermatological opinion.

The wait can either be because of a short term situation due to a sudden vacancy or due to a long term problem with an increased influx of referrals”.

Case mix and management

  • A wide variety of patients with different diagnoses are seen
  • All patients are assessed and treated
  • If a skin biopsy is needed, it is usually carried out on the same day which results in improved patient experience due to “one stop clinic” management

Treatment plans

  • A comprehensive treatment plan for any future relapses or treatment failures is usually made out in the clinic letter sent out to GPs
  • In cases where there are multiple treatments with complicated treatment instructions, patients are copied into these letters, so that the letter may serve as a reminder of the explanation of the disease and treatment instructions
  • Most patients are discharged with suitable treatment plans

Follow-up arrangements

  • Patients who need follow ups are usually around 5-10% of the total
  • If follow ups are required, these are scheduled at 3 month intervals or more frequently if needed
  • Patients who need multiple follow-ups and have long term complicated dermatological illness are referred to the local dermatology team (usually under 5% of patients)
  • Other patients who have potentially metastatic skin cancers such as Squamous cell carcinomas or Melanomas would be referred urgently to the local dermatology team or to the plastic surgery team, as appropriate


  • All results are actioned, letters sent to GPs and to patients (if appropriate)
  • Patients are notified of their results and the next course of action explained
  • Patients are discharged from Medinet’s care only after the results have been actioned by the Medinet consultant

GP and Patient Queries

  • All queries from GPs and patients are handled by Medinet, without involving the local dermatology team

Dermatosurgery clinics

  • Detailed leaflets are given prior to surgery and post operative instructions are given, along with a Medinet helpline number to contact in case of any issues
  • Histology results are usually processed within 2-4 weeks and actioned
  • Patients are mostly discharged after such surgery with a small number of patients reviewed based on clinical need.

To conclude, these clinics provide an opportunity for dermatology departments to reduce their workload by a parallel safe system conducted mostly at weekends.                   

If you have any questions about working with Medinet and would like to speak to one of our existing Consultant Dermatologists, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange this. 

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