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City Hospital Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust

November 2011 to October 2017

At the time of engagement in November 2011 the Trust had been experiencing challenges in recruiting Consultants and Nurses into Gastroenterology. The challenges in recruitment saw an increase in waiting list numbers but the Trust wanted to maintain 6 weeks wait breaches below 1%.

Following discussions with the Trust, Medinet was engaged to provide NHS Substantive post holding Consultant Gastroenterologists, suitably qualified Nurses and operatives skilled in working in decontamination of endoscopy equipment to undertake endoscopy at weekends to increase capacity until the Trust was able to recruit into its vacancies.

A significant part of our service delivery has been to maintain continuity of teams who know the Trust’s equipment, reporting systems, local policies, procedures and have established open lines of communication between teams. Our teams complete between 24 and 28 JAG points per room per day and are seeing routine diagnostic mixed lists of OGD, Colonoscopy and Flexi Sigmoidoscopy.

The trust has maintained its 6 week wait breach at <1%. As time has progressed the relationships between the Trust and Medinet have strengthened at managerial, operational and clinical levels. The Trust has also undergone a period of capital development where a new endoscopy unit has been built and Medinet have continued to support the Trust during this period. What began as an answer to a short-term problem has developed into a longer-term solution for the Trust. Medinet teams have offered a viable answer to their recruitment challenges which represented the best value for money when compared with alternative options.

At the conclusion of the contract we received the following email from a senior manager at the Trust
“… I wanted to email to thank you for helping us deliver our service over many years.

As you know we have now moved into our new unit and finally have the nursing staff to enable us to deliver the lists in house. Obviously if things change in the future with increasing demand we may find ourselves in the position of needing further support.

Thank you for your help and support, particularly around managing incidents. It has been a pleasure to work with you.”

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