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Case Studies

Here you will be able to see all our case studies, you can use our helpful search filter below to find the case studies which are relevent to you.

Consultant testimonial Dermatology

“I have been associated with the dermatology services provided by Medinet over a number of years. These clinics involve a high volume of patients, seen within a short space of time and help dermatology departments cope...

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Consultant testimonial Ophthalmology

I have relatively recently joined Medinet and have been very impressed by the service they provide to support NHS Trusts, Commissioners and local communities gain timely access to increased quality-controlled Ophthalmology...

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Consultant testimonial Endoscopy

I have been working with Medinet for over 5 years and am very proud to be associated with an uncompromising, excellent service that supports NHS trusts in meeting targets. As a NHS gastroenterologist, my goal is to ensure...

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